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Pioneer introduces DDJ-XP1 DJ controller with 32 multicolored performance pads

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 16 Sep 2017, 12:55pm

Pioneer introduces DDJ-XP1 DJ controller with 32 multicolored performance pads

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Pioneer has created a new DJ Controller for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs: the DDJ-XP1. With 32 multicolored Performance Pads, the DDJ-XP1 is designed to help craft unique sets, and get the most out of the latest features in the updated versions of rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs Plus Packs following the release of the brand-new version of rekordbox. The rekordbox dj performance application includes new additions such as Key Shift and Keyboard mode.     

Key Features of the DDJ-XP1 and Rekordbox Version 5.0

  1. Interface designed for rekordbox dj/dvs

Surrounded by a robust structure and a non-slip rubber surface, the intuitive layout of the DDJ-XP1 allows users to maximize their use of the features in the updated versions of rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs. Users can use the upper section to control key and beat sync status, and to select tracks while the lower section can be used to trigger the 32 tactile multicolored performance pads (16 on each rekordbox dj deck) that boast the lowest latency on any DJ controller, even after repeated hard hitting.

  1. Get the most from new features in rekordbox dj/dvs

To help users get to grips with the features in rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs, the design and layout of buttons and knobs have been refreshed in the rekordbox ver 5.0 update. Users can now customize the font size on the track browse screen to help users find tracks faster. The next-generation KORETECH engine, with its significantly updated audio/graphic/video signal processing algorithm, makes rekordbox highly stable and responsive, enabling users to search through tracks easily and perform intuitively.

Use the DDJ-XP1 to intuitively control all the features in rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs Plus Packs, including:

Key Shift

Mix any combination of tracks in perfect harmony by shifting their keys up or down. Key Sync automatically changes the key of the users’ next track to match the master deck. Users can reset keys at any time by pressing Key Reset.


Select a Hot Cue or create a new one, then use the 15 other pads on the corresponding deck to trigger it in different semitones. Users can use this feature to improvise with sounds and create musical phrases as if they were playing on the keyboard of a synthesizer or other instrument.

Pad Editor

Customize the arrangement of the 32 Performance Pads by assigning not only the users’ favorite pad modes but also features to each pad. For example, users could assign the top eight DDJ-XP1 pads to each deck in rekordbox dj for Hot Cues, using the rest for the Sampler feature.

Silent Cue

When using rekordbox dvs with turntables, switch on Silent Cue and the music will restart instantly and at the correct BPM when users press play on a stopped deck. This avoids the sound of the music speeding up as the turntable starts to revolve. Users can choose a Hot Cue then hit play on the deck and it will sound the same as hitting a Cue on a multiplayer.

  1. DJM-S9 now supports rekordbox dj/dvs

The Pioneer’s club-standard 2-channel performance mixer, the DJM-S9, is now compatible with rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs. Its popular Magvel Fader Pro and effect levers are ideal for scratch performances and battles, and adding the DDJ-XP1 to users’ setup expands the creative possibilities even further.

  1. Bundled licences for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs

Users can now play tracks from their PC/Mac as soon as they unbox the DDJ-XP1. The DDJ-XP1 comes with free license keys for the Pioneer’s professional dj performance application rekordbox dj and the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack, so users can control their digital music using multiplayers or via turntables and the dedicated control vinyl (available separately). If users already own a rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs, they can download the latest version of rekordbox to use with the DDJ-XP1.

  1. Accessories available
  • A new series of colored control vinyl for rekordbox dvs is now available. Choose from transparent, white, blue, and red versions to match the color of the users gear or style.
  • A new DJ stand, the DJC-STS1, will be available in the beginning of December. It’s sturdy and perfect for holding the DDJ-XP1, or a laptop, at an ideal height during performances.
  • To help protect users’ DDJ-XP1 on the road, the DJC-XP1-BAG is available separately. The high-quality bag features a tough EVA Dura shock molded body, soft egg shell foam, and a fleeced lining to keep the DJ controller safe from bumps and knocks.

by: Yrda Veanssa Fernandez