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Practo enters the Philippine market to improve healthcare

By Chester Labaco - on 13 Nov 2015, 9:52am

Practo enters the Philippine market to improve healthcare

Mr. Shashank ND, Founder & CEO of Practo

Practo, one of Asia’s largest healthcare platform, have announced their arrival in the Philippine market to bring Practo Search and Practo Ray locally. Their introduction to the local market was announced in Romulo Café, Makati City November 12, 2015. Their goal is to list all healthcare professionals in the Philippines and make sure that the data is reliable. The reliability of the data is assured by the Practo team physically combing through every street and every zone to catalogue all available doctors for free.

Patients can freely access the doctor’s information through Practor Search. Consumers can access the data collected by Practo to determine the right healthcare professional for them. One can search using the doctor’s name, specialization, and symptoms. Once the results are in, one can click the professional or establishment to learn more details such as the years of services, qualifications, affiliations and specializations. Once done, consumers are able to get photos, GPS coordinates and directions from the Practo app.

Practo Ray is a cloud-based solution to simplify and automate practice management so doctors can focus on treating and caring for their patients. It helps to streamline scheduling, billing and inventory management for providers. Digital healthcare records and prescriptions are made so doctors and consumers always have their healthcare history available. Practo Ray is available as an annual subscription starting at PhP 2,200.00 per month.
At this time, over 11,000 practitioners across 17 cities in Greater Manila. Practo is planning to expand to cover Cebu, Cavite and Batangas regions. They are also expanding to cover additional heathcare segments such as wellness, fitness, medicine, preventive, and curative healthcare. To help with the expansion, they have acquired FitHo, Genii, Instahealth and Qikwell.

To experience their service, patients can head on over to their website or download the Practo App on their android or iOs devices.