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Rambus Claims Near Future Death of NAND

By Joy Hou - on 13 Feb 2012, 5:18pm

Rambus Claims Near Future Death of NAND

Rambus proceeds down the path of flash memory, with the purchase of Unity Semiconductor being the first step in cornering the Flash memory market.

"The company says it has been eyeing the Flash memory market for a while now and its time has come. So, Rambus has jumped on the best opportunity to do what it has done since its inception: snap up a keystone technology so it can develop a commercial offering and begin generating revenues through third party licensing. Rambus’ latest technology acquisition, Unity Semiconductor, will allow the company to do just that: licence CMOx Flash cell technology to any takers."

Rambus is convinced that NAND will not survive in the market because it has inherent difficulties scaling the cells below the 20nm process technology node, and this is where CMOx leverages its advantages. Thus, it is betting on CMOx to carry smaller flash nodes. At 17nm, CMOx will have four times the density of NAND.

Source: TechEye