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Razer appoints MOL AccessPortal as master distributor of zGold

By Nestor Domingo Jr & Jonnah Pante - on 28 Jul 2017, 10:08am

Razer appoints MOL AccessPortal as master distributor of zGold

Razer has sealed the deal with Asia's leading e-payment enabler MOL AccessPortal, making the latter the master distributor of virtual currency zGold.

The partnership is projected to accelerate the global growth of MOL and Razer’s digital payment and content, which will be made available to gamers with over 1 million points of purchase in 17 countries.

It will also set for both parties to take the lead in revolutionizing gaming transactions in emerging markets, with the region’s revenue projected to grow to USD 2.2-billion this year.

The MOLPoints virtual currency will be rebranded as the “ZGold-MOL Points” which will be available to over 1 million online and retail stores in the countries in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia) as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Jefferson Joseph Roasa Boone, Country Manager for MOL Philippines (left) and Adrian Eng, Business Development Software Manager of Razer, Inc.(right)

“With the partnership between Razer and MOL, we can give gamers a unified virtual currency which enables them to pay for over 2,500 digital content and game items that they want,” mentioned Adrian Eng, Business Development Software Manager of Razer, Inc. “This partnership has also opened to Filipinos to get Razer zSilver points, which are awarded to users who pay for digital content using zGold-MOLPoints that, as well, can be exchanged for Razer’s products,” he shared.

The virtual currency will also be accepted soon as payment for over 2,500 content titles from the MOL network, and around 2,500 titles will be added to its content library. They are comprised of blockbuster games from publishers like Nexon and Wargaming, and distribution platforms PlayStation Store SEA and Facebook Gameroom.  

In addition, Razer zSliver currency rewards will be made available to MOL users who top their wallets and pay for digital contents with zGold-MOL points. The two units are part of Razer zVault – the secure digital wallet for gamers that is already accessible to more than 35 million registered Razer ID holders via the website

Razer, through its wholly-owned subsidiary ZV-Midas Pte. Ltd., has purchased a minority 19.9% interest of MOL Global, Inc. (MOLG) from its shareholders, Hotel Resort Enterprise Sdn Bhd (HRSB), and MOL Investment Pte. Ltd. (MOLI). Both Razer and MOL will share their technology to boost innovation in the FinTech sector and help businesses commercialize digital content with virtual currency units as secure payment methods.

Moreover, Razer also shared that it has recorded more than 2.7 million digital wallets for zGold since its launch in March of this year.