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Reimagine your boardroom with SAP's Digital Boardroom

By Chester Labaco - on 10 Nov 2016, 10:30am

Reimagine your boardroom with SAP's Digital Boardroom

SAP, one of the market leaders in enterprise application software, has announced their new SAP Digital Boardroom.

Aimed to digitize the boardroom, the SAP Digital Boardroom is a planned breakthrough approach that intends to contextualize and simplify performance reporting across different areas of business in real time. Built on SAP's BusinessObjects Cloud solution, it is expected to line-of-business data from SAP S/4HANA suite and SAP HANA Cloud platform to give users a single source of truth about the critical business metrics of a company.  Instead of relying days, weeks, and even months old data, the SAP Digital Boardroom essentially puts all the information on your screen so you cna take advantage of the current trend and make meaningful decisions for your business. This real time approach in monitoring aims to help companies monitor and drive change in the digital economy. 

Ryan Poggi, Managing Director, SAP Philippines (right). Kathleen Muller, Head, Analytics and Insight, SAP Southeast Asia (left)

"SAP Digital Boardroom gives senior management and C-Suite executives access to business data and analytics, allowing the to gauge their company's standing in the market as compared to their competitors. Personal business information such as financial performance, customer count, supplier system and more can be viewed by almost immediately with real-time content, which are needed for faster and better decision making" said Ryan Poggie, Managing Director, SAP Philippines.

Kathreen Muller demonstrating the SAP Digital Boardroom

Designed to deliver multiple customer benefits including:

  • Total transparency: Standards-based reporting on financials, operations, marketing and sales are based on a single source of truth, delivered in real time, with no data duplication.
  • Instant data-driven insights: Powerful analytical exploration functions use a simple user interface to address ad hoc questioning and support improved decision-making.
  • Simplified Boardroom processes: An intuitive user interface enables natural interactions based on a single-screen experience. It is delivered through a modern touch-screen experience, whether using a projector, a laptop or a wearable device. Rich visualizations live data eliminate static presentations. New collaboration features assign and track action items even outside of scheduled meetings.

As of this time, SAP has mentioned that the SAP Digital Boardroom will be an annual subscription for users and costs around US $50,000. However, it doesn't require any other SAP back-end solution as it can pull any data from any source in your company. Hardware is also not included. Thus, people who would subscribe to the service would also need to use their current hardware if not purchase it separately.