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Rumor: Apple iPad Air 2 details leaked

By Katrina Canlas - on 7 Oct 2014, 10:47pm

Rumor: Apple iPad Air 2 details leaked


Launched late last year, Apple iPad Air might be seeing its successor soon, the Apple iPad Air 2. It is believed that the release date of the said Apple tablet is on October 16, 2014. Almost 10 days before the said event, leaks about the details of the iPad Air 2 began surfacing on the Internet. A blog called "The Michael Report" claims to have the details regarding the upcoming iPad.

The details say that the upcoming iPad Air 2 will:

  • have similar design as the previous iPad Air but will be 0.5mm thinner
  • remove the Mute Button to make it thinner
  • allegedly use a fully laminated display, combining the cover glass and Retina LCD into a single unit so that the overall screen is thinner 
  • have minimal tweaks on the Speaker and Volume Buttons
  • have a gold option to match the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus color palette
  • include a Touch ID feature to go with the Apple Pay service
  • have 128GB option
  • increase RAM to 2GB
  • have upgraded A8 chip

From this information, it looks like the upcoming iPad Air is almost similar to its predecessor but only with Touch ID.

We'll just have to wait and see, come October 16.

Source: The Michael Report