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Rumor: Samsung is developing two foldable phones

By Ciara Alarcon & Cookie Monster - on 13 Dec 2016, 2:12pm

Rumor: Samsung is developing two foldable phones

A scrollable smartphone. <br> Image source: PatentlyMobile

For at least three years, Samsung has been working on foldable smartphones, and has filed patent applications for a sturdy-looking smartphone that is foldable at the center with a display that bends both ways. But, according to a recent rumor, Samsung is actually developing two different foldable smartphone models to test the market.

According to ETNews, Samsung is adopting a "two-track strategy" for its foldable smartphones. Samsung is also said to be developing a "dual-screen" model with a flat display on either side and a foldable smartphone with a single flexible OLED display.

Before deciding whether to release the second model, the "dual-screen" model will be released first to see customer's response and market demand.

ETNews also reported earlier this year that Samsung will unveil a foldable smartphone and tablet hybrid in 2017. The device functions as a 5-inch phone, and can unfold into a 7-inch tablet.

Source: ETNews via SamMobile