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Samsung Brings In The Galaxy Tab 2

By Marvin R. Velasco - on 1 Aug 2012, 5:43pm

From One Galaxy to the Next

 A special production number was performed for the media in attendance, presenting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in an entertaining and practical manner.

After the success of the well-received Samsung Galaxy Tab, it's only natural to expect a successor. This has come true with a tablet of the same name, except now with a number "2" added at the end. A special media event held at the Hexagon Lounge, Makati City, saw an on-stage performance with a cast entertainingly demonstrating the Galaxy Tab 2's features through song and dance. This unconventional presentation easily grabbed the audience's attention throughout and got all of the tablet's unique selling points across. Realistic scenarios done by the actors showcased the strongest trait of the Galaxy Tab 2, which happens to be its all-around practicality.

Samsung labels the Galaxy Tab 2 as an all-in-one media device, capable of telephony, social networking, multimedia viewing, portable gaming, and a whole lot more. The unit comes in two flavors, either a 7-inch or 10-inch model, both of which share the same stylish look and thin profile. You also have the choice between a 3G+Wi-Fi model, as well as a cheaper model with only Wi-Fi. The tablet has two cameras conveniently placed at the back and front, which are 3.15-megapixels and VGA respectively. It's optimized for Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS, so the latest apps will work without any hiccups. Best of all, the Galaxy Tab 2 is strategically priced to appeal to a wide range of future users. There are three models to choose from: the 7.0" Wi-Fi model with an SRP of PhP 12,990, the 7.0” 3G+Wi-Fi with an SRP of PhP 16,990, and the 10.1” 3G+Wi-Fi with an SRP of PhP 21,990.

A generous offering of features, along with its reasonable price, make the Galaxy Tab 2 very alluring to potential tablet owners.

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