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Samsung to Feature "Eye Scroll" on Smartphones, Might Come on Galaxy S IV

By Katrina Canlas - on 6 Mar 2013, 2:52pm

Samsung to Feature "Eye Scroll" on Smartphones, Might Come on Galaxy S IV

 (Image Source: GSM Nation)

Samsung is reported to come out with its new smartphone that sports a unique feature based on eye movements. Patented in the US in February and called Samsung Eye Scroll, this feature will let the user scroll through pages without touching the device as the phone will respond depending on eye movements. According to reports, when a user reads content on the device and reaches the end of the page, the software could sense the eye movements and it will automatically scroll down to the following paragraph. This is definitely a challenging feat not only in the software aspect but in the hardware side of Samsung.

Samsung also patented another technology called Eye Pause, which is closely related to the feature previously mentioned. This feature is also expected to be used alongside the Eye Scroll feature.

Not much is known about Samsung Galaxy S IV, including its final appearance, since the company is strict in keeping information under wraps. Even the Samsung Unpacked 2013 event slated on March 14 does not directly mention a Galaxy S IV, although the teasers seem to be leading there. Leaks have been sprouting here and there but Samsung have not made any official announcements or comments yet.

Until March 14, all secrets are kept safe by Samsung and of course, its secret messenger, Jeremy. With the phone's highly-anticipated arrival, be careful with scams though.

Source: Ars Technica