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Samsung Introduces Retrofit and L-Tube Lighting Solutions at SEA Forum 2014

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 24 Feb 2014, 2:15pm

Samsung Introduces Retrofit and L-Tube Lighting Solutions at SEA Forum 2014

Samsung's Retrofit LED Bulbs

Samsung’s exhibition hall at its 2014 Southeast Asia Forum revealed the Korean technology giant’s bullish intent to expand to new markets in the region. Spotted during last week’s event are lighting solutions from Samsung.

Samsung introduced the Retrofit LED bulbs and L-Tube LED lamps. Several models of Samsung’s Retrofit LED bulbs come with stylish casings and emit warm yellowish light, making them appropriate lighting solutions in art galleries, houses, hotels, malls, museums, and restaurants. Retrofit bulbs are divided into categories (series) such as Essential, Performer, and Optimum.

Samsung L-Tube LED Lamps

Assimilating the form factor of traditional fluorescent lamps, Samsung’s L-Tube line consists of lighting solutions that are AC direct connected, CCG-compatible (conventional magnetic control gear), and external driver type. L-Tube lamps primarily produce cool white light and are positioned as solutions for groceries, houses, industrial establishments, offices, and schools. Because Retrofit bulbs and L-Tube LED lamps employ LED technology, they are capable of producing brighter light, but are more energy efficient than traditional, non-LED lighting solutions.

Samsung’s entry to the lighting solutions market poses a challenge to other companies such as Philips. In the Philippines, the Dutch technology company is known for its Ledino LED light fixtures. Scroll down to view more of Samsung's Retrofit LED bulbs.