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Samsung’s 'Built for the Philippines' Campaign Shows Off Newest Line of Digital Appliances

By Marvin R. Velasco - on 9 Dec 2013, 10:10am

Samsung’s 'Built for the Philippines' Campaign Shows Off Newest Line of Digital Appliances

 Samsung RT20FARVDSA Refrigerator

Running a household is no easy feat, most especially with the holidays are coming up. With festivities popping out left and right, Filipino moms can attest to the fact that there is simply so much to do, but not enough time. Even with appliances that help make her daily life easier and more comfortable, there are some things that require an added feature or two more just to make sure it does the job well.

This Christmas season, Samsung launches its “Built for the Philippines” Campaign for their Digital Appliance line. It features the RT20FARVDSA Refrigerator, WA80F5S5 Washing Machine, and AR09HVFSBWKNTC Air Conditioner – all for which were designed with the Filipina super mom in mind. She puts her family first since they are the most important thing in her life. Sometimes, however, she no longer has the time or energy to spend with them since she has been so busy taking care of the household chores and managing the family budget. These are things she also cannot set aside as these are part of her family’s basic needs. Understanding these needs and concerns, Samsung’s “Built for the Philippines” line is perfect for the smart mom with foresight in managing a household. She knows that investing on these appliances will give good value for money because she can finally say goodbye to long hours of chores and high utility costs.

Aside from decreasing the electric and water bills, the Samsung "Built for the Philippines" products can also decrease household worries. Each consumer is guaranteed to spend less time, effort, and energy on chores. For the RT20FARVDSA Refrigerator, no time will be wasted in defrosting as it features a No Frost system that prevents ice build-up. It also has a digital inverter that allows the household to get up to 39% Energy Savings. The fully automatic WA80F5S5 Washing Machine is also just as efficient with its Aqua Preserve function that promotes water saving by recycling and reusing laundry water multiple times. Also, with Samsung’s WobbleTM Technology, it eliminates tangles and cleans even delicate fabric – making laundry time a breeze, with no worries. Lastly, the AR09HVFSBWKNTC Split Type Aircon has smart inverter technology that maintains the ideal temperature without constantly turning the compressor on and off, allowing moms to save up to 70% on their electricity billing. It also has an Easy Filter that helps eliminate dust, dangerous airborne contaminants, and allergens from the air. With these, the modern super mom will not only save on her electric bills, but will also provide for the perfect comfortable and healthy environment for her family!

Indeed, the Samsung’s "Built for the Philippines" products will make this Christmas season merrier by helping moms focus their time and energy on their family.

Samsung WA80F5S5 Washing Machine