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Samsung's upcoming AI chips rumored to be better than Apple and Huawei

By Jonnah Pante & Cookie Monster - on 19 Jan 2018, 1:59pm

Samsung's upcoming AI chips rumored to be better than Apple and Huawei

The race to develop more powerful AI chips has just grown more intense as sources told The Korea Herald that Samsung could come up with better chips than Apple and Huawei in the second half of the year. 

Based on information provided by these sources, Samsung is about to complete the development of neural processing units (NPUs) or AI chips to enhance AI capabilities in servers and mobile devices. 

“Samsung is almost done with the development of AI chips for servers, which is expected to be commercialized for server firms, according to Samsung insiders,” a source with expertise in AI told The Korea Herald. “For mobile devices, Samsung has already reached the technological levels of Apple and Huawei, but will come up with better chips for sure in the second half of the year,” the source said. 

Samsung is expected to show off some of the NPU capabilities during the upcoming launch event of the Galaxy S9. Despite being late in the game, Samsung is said to have caught up with Apple and Huawei as its AI chips are believed to offer similar or slightly better performance.

“Still, it is too early to compare the performances of AI chips by Samsung, Apple and Huawei, because the market has just been formed,” he said. “Apple claims that its NPU has reached 600 in giga operations per second, while Huawei says 4 in tera operations per second. Samsung’s is estimated to be similar or slightly higher at the moment.”

An enhanced NPU is said to be specifically developed for the Galaxy Note9 which will be launched later this year. Last September, Samsung was reported to be spending significant amount of research and development on the AI chips for commercialization in the next few years.

It made huge investments in DeePhi Tech, a Tsinghua-based startup which develops neural network technologies and neural network hardware architecture. In late November 2017, the South Korean company acquired AI startup Fluenty. In October 2016, Samsung acquired Viv which was a startup founded by the creators of Siri. 

Source: The Korea Herald via SamMobile