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SAP SE tightens digital agenda, strategy for enterprises

By Jonnah Pante - on 27 Aug 2017, 2:40pm

SAP SE tightens digital agenda, strategy for enterprises

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As part of the company’s overall strategy to push its agenda and back its customers’ digital transformation, SAP SE recently announced that it has strengthened its digital core, bold technologies of the future, and its expertise in ERP.

"As  governments and businesses work towards a digitally-enabled ASEAN as outlined by the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2020, we see plenty of opportunities for organizations from the public and private sectors alike to harness the power of data," Claus Andresen, President and Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia said.

In order to advance to being "a digitally empowered, innovative, globally competitive, and prosperous society where everyone has reliable, affordable, and secure information access in the Philippines," the Philippine Digital Strategy (PDS) has already been set in the country.

The importance of digital transformation was further emphasized by a new global study by SAP, supported by  Oxford Economics, reporting that 84% of global companies consider it as important to their survival in the next five years. However, only 3% have accomplished a move by their company.

"In the digital economy today, data is the new gold for digital enterprises. SAP allows organizations to act instantly through real-time, data-driven insights to deliver delightful, meaningful experiences to their customers, employees, suppliers, and partners," Andresen explained.

Meanwhile, Ryan Poggi, country managing director of SAP Philippines, told that as Philippine businesses transform to become digital enterprises, it is important for them to recalibrate their approach to technology and understand how digital solutions can help them intelligently connect people, things, and processes across the enterprise.

"This is the winning mindset that will help  them become digital leaders in their respective industries and we are excited to work with our customers to help them define their digital future," Poggi added.

A suite of loT solutions was released recently by SAP. These loT solutions are part of SAP Leonardo digital innovation system and are going to use developments in Big Data and analytics, the ability to connect people, things and business with SAP Cloud Platform, as well as technologies like machine learning to enable loT and Industry 4.0 strategies across digital logistics, manufacturing, and asset management.