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Say Goodbye to Adobe Flash on Android Devices

By Kevin Bruce Francisco & Hurrairah bin Sohail - on 17 Aug 2012, 12:02pm

Say Goodbye to Adobe Flash on Android Devices


The day has finally come. Back at the end of 2011, Adobe announced that it will no longer be developing Flash for mobile devices. And now the Flash application has been pulled from Google Play, effectively meaning that Android users will no longer have access to the software in the future. In addition, Adobe has recommended Jelly Bean users to uninstall older versions of the program.

The demise of Flash on the mobile platform began with Apple's decision to not support it for their iPhone and iOS devices. Losing out on support from the most popular smartphone on the planet meant that the demise of Flash was unavoidable. At the same time HTML 5's appearance on the scene offers a ready and working alternative.

However, it can be argued that Flash support was one of the unique features about Android devices which attracted consumers. Though they might be losing an edge, here is hoping the bowing out of Flash signals HTML 5's universal adoption and an easier life for mobile app developers.

Source: BBC and PC Mag