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Seagate unveils 10TB Guardian Series hard disk drives

By Ashley Lucas & Kenny Yeo - on 20 Jul 2016, 1:54pm

Seagate unveils 10TB Guardian Series hard disk drives

(Image source: Anandtech)

Seagate has just launched its new Guardian Series of 10TB helium-based drives for high-end consumer applications.

10TB helium-based drives are not new, but up until now, they were mainly only used in enterprise applications: data centers, server farms – that kind of stuff. The new Guardian Series, on the other hand, is targeted squarely at consumers like you and me.

Seagate is launching three new models today, and although all three are offered with 10TB of capacity, helium-based, and run at 7200rpm, they have been designed differently for use in different scenarios.

For example, the BarraCuda Pro was designed for high-performance general computing and comes with a 5-year long warranty.

On the other hand, the IronWolf has been optimized for use in NAS systems and arrays, and has an incredible rated endurance of 180TB writes per year.

Finally, the SkyHawk has been designed with endurance in mind, as it is meant to be used in video surveillance systems. Like the IronWolf, the SkyHawk drives have a rated endurance of 180TB writes per year. SkyHawk drives even come with data recover options.

The BarraCuda Pro and IronWolf are now shipping worldwide, while the SkyHawk is presently being sampled by select customers with wide-scale availability to be confirmed shortly.

Source: Seagate