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See Motorola's Chicago flagship store

By Chester Labaco & Koh Wanzi - on 24 Nov 2015, 9:06am

See Motorola's Chicago flagship store

Image Source: Motorola

Motorola opened its first ever flagship store in Chicago on November 7, and it may just be the opposite of Apple when it comes to design philosophy. Dubbed the Moto Shop, it is – like most other flagship stores – intended to be a swanky showroom for Motorola’s products.

While Apple’s stores are known for their minimalistic aesthetic that almost borders on sterile (just think about the famous glass cube on New York's Fifth Avenue), Motorola has opted for warm, earthy tones that make the entire place look almost cosy.

In addition, Engadget reported that the store even encourages you to drop its handsets on the floor to see just how durable they are!

Image Source: Motorola

That's a lot of leather. (Image Source: Android Central)

Look at that, a silver skull! (Image Source: Android Central)

We're really liking the brick walls. (Image Source: Motorola)

Is it just us, or does this almost look like someone's house? (Image Source: Motorola)

More wood paneling and warm colors. (Image Source: International Business Times)

Source: Engadget