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Sharp Reshapes the Washing Machine, New Gigamatic has a Cylindrical Body

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 17 May 2011, 8:02pm

Sharp Reshapes the Washing Machine, New Gigamatic has a Cylindrical Body

Sharp Gigamatic Washing Machine

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Sharp, the country’s No. 1 and most trusted washing machine brand, introduces a new line of fully automatic machines designed to make doing the laundry easier, more convenient and more economical than ever before—the Gigamatic series.

Gigamatic machines stand out at first glance because of their cylindrical shape compared to the typical square bodies of other fully automatic washing machines. But beyond the curves, there is more than just aesthetics in play: the cylindrical shape makes it easier to load and unload laundry from practically any angle; it also disperses and softens impacts to the tub making the machine resistant to dents; and it minimizes wear from vibrations during the spin cycle, which helps prolong product life.

Inside the washing machine are several notable enhancements, starting with Sharp’s unique eco-drum, a stainless steel holeless tub that saves water, money and more importantly, time, with its efficient operation, compared to conventional washing machines that have drums with holes in them. Sharp studies show Gigamatic machines can save around 40 to 60% water per use compared to their conventional counterparts.

The eco-drum also ensures that the water in the tub always stays clean and is not exposed to black mold. Conventional washing machine drums with holes tend to harbor fungi between the inner and outer tubs, which can be hard to detect. Black mold can cause allergic reactions and can easily contaminate both water and laundry.

Another advantage of the eco-drum is its ability to clean delicate clothing without damaging them, since there are no holes in the drum that can tug at fabric during the laundry process.

The new washing machines also feature Sharp’s proprietary Ag+ Ion technology, which coats laundry with antibacterial and odor-reducing Ag+ Ions during the final rinse cycle so clothes come out always smelling fresh and clean.

Other Gigamatic features include a specially designed 3D wave pulsator to effectively remove dirt from clothing, efficient spin air-drying, an aquamagic filter that removes water impurities, voice navigation for hassle-free use and a child lock.

Sharp Gigamatic washing machines are available in four models: the 9.5 kg. ES-95MP-A; the 8.5kg. ES-85GP-G; the 7.5 kg. ES-75EP-P and the 7 kg. ES-70EP-A.

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