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Shopee, Facebook team up to educate local entrepreneurs on M-commerce

By Jonnah Pante - on 6 Jun 2017, 1:45pm

Shopee, Facebook team up to educate local entrepreneurs on M-commerce

Aiming to help entrepreneurs boost digital marketing skills, Shopee, the largest mobile shopping app in Southeast Asia has partnered with Facebook in conducting an exclusive Shopee University session with topics focused on M-commerce.

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“We built Shopee believing that anyone can be an entrepreneur. Our aspiring sellers often want to set up their own online retail businesses but lack the know-how. Our user-friendly app has made it easy for our sellers to start,” Macy Castillo, Shopee’s Head of Commercial Business, said.

“We then work with them constantly to grow their businesses and allow them to reach millions of customers with our integrated business management tools. To succeed in a global marketplace, it was natural for us to teach them the right marketing tools to promote their shops and products via Facebook, a platform our Filipino users are already very adept with,” Castillo added.

To talk to over 100 Filipino sellers present on the event about essential e-commerce topics, Facebook sent their Head of Retail & Ecommerce for Southeast Asia Deepesh Trivedi and Philippines’ Operations Group Lead Ash Mandhyan. Among the topics were “How to Best Showcase Products in Mobile Shopping Apps” and “Best Practices for Basic Ads Targeting.”

“Currently, the Philippines is one of the highest digital population in the world. There are over 59 million active Facebook accounts in the country. We see this as a great opportunity in helping Filipinos grow their business and guide them on how to optimize our marketing tools. We’re happy to partner with Shopee and be able to share our insights to the sellers so they can broaden their communities and improve their lives,” said Deepish Trivedi.

Since its first Shopee University class last February 2016, Shopee continuously conducts in-depth tutorial modules to help local entrepreneurs in setting up their own online business by inviting lecturers with M-commerce background and expertise. Shopee University has visited 29 cities in the Philippines.