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Smart Announces new Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plans

By Martin James David - on 14 Oct 2013, 11:13am

Smart Announces new Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plans

Smart Communications, Inc., through its subsidiary Smart Boradband, Inc. recently introduced the Smart Bro Gadget Plans. This new lineup of postpaid plans makes it easier for consumers to own a tablet or a notebook bundled with mobile broadband.

Starting at just PhP 499 a month, interested users can get their hands on the latest gadgets that come bundled with Smart Bro’s high-speed broadband services, enabling them to update their social networking profiles, post photos on Instagram, or view online content while on the go. Smart’s Gadget Plus Plans are designed in such a way that acquiring the hottest gadgets and having mobile connectivity don’t come at a cost that burns pockets since the devices can be paid at amortized rates for up to 24 months even without a credit card.

At Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus Plan 499, subscribers can already take home the sleek 7-inch Acer Iconia B1 tablet and a Pocket Wi-Fi which comes with 30 hours of high-speed broadband Internet access every month, also protected by Anti Bill Shock.

At Gadget Plus Plan 699, they can already choose from these premium 7-inch tablets: the Alcatel T7HD, the HP Slate 7, the Starmobile Engage HD, or the Huawei MediaPad Youth, that all come with 50 hours of free high-speed Internet every month via a Pocket Wi-Fi with Anti-Bill Shock protection.

Individuals who have their eye on the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet can now take one home via the Gadget Plus Plan 999, which comes with 50 hours of free high-speed broadband Internet every month and is protected by an Anti-Bill Shock guarantee.Other bundles in this plan include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (Wi-Fi only) with a Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi; the Apple iPad Mini 16GB; and the Acer Aspire V5 122P Touch notebook and Samsung ATIV Book 2 laptop, both packaged with a Smart Bro Plug-It.

Aside from these tablets, Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus plans also have laptop bundles at Plan 1299: students who want to improve their studies or research can rely on the Samsung ATIV Book 2 and Samsung printer bundle, which allows wireless printing via the accompanying Smart Bro Pocket Wi-Fi. Tablet-savvy students or young professionals, meanwhile, can already own the Acer Aspire V5 122P Touch notebook along with the Acer Iconia B1-A71 at Plan 1299, giving them three awesome gadgets in one plan.

These bundles already come with a Pocket WiFi device with 50 hours of broadband Internet that delivers 7.2 Mbps of download speeds every month and an Anti-Bill Shock guarantee.

Anti-Bill Shock Guarantee

Outside of the free monthly allocation per bundle, subscribers will be charged the standard rate of P5 per 15 minutes of Internet usage. To ensure that subscribers wouldn’t have to pay more than they intended to, Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus Plans come with an anti-bill shock guarantee that automatically activates once users reach a certain amount.

For Plan 499, the Internet subscription will automatically be converted to unlimited once the usage reaches P1,199. For Plan 699, the usage ceiling is at P1,299, while subscribers would only have to pay a maximum amount of P1,599 every month for Plan 999 gadget bundles. For those on the Plan 1299 laptop bundles, the Internet allocation automatically becomes unlimited once the usage reaches P1,899.