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Smart Bro Takes Entertainment to New Heights in First Interactive Concert

By Katrina Canlas - on 4 Oct 2013, 3:43pm

Smart Bro Takes Entertainment to New Heights in First Interactive Concert


Wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is set to bring entertainment to an entirely new level as it mounts its first interactive concert to date, pooling four of OPM’s most iconic acts that will exemplify the youth and vigor of today’s “broadband” generation.

Everyone is invited to witness Raimund Marasigan, Barbie Almalbis, Rico Blanco, and Ely Buendia share the stage and perform in a free and unique musical event dubbed the Smart Bro Live and Loud concert happening on October 4 at the TriNoMa Mindanao Parking in Quezon City.

Smart’s first attempt at an interactive concert—where concert-goers and the audience at home get to control facets of the event, such as the stage effects and the setlist of the artists—is a testament to the growing influence of high-speed broadband Internet to the multimedia experience of many Filipinos.

While people used to flock to theaters to watch the latest blockbusters, families today can enjoy such flicks at the comfort of their own homes through movie-streaming services such as Clickplay and Netflix. Music fans, meanwhile, can now rely on portals such as Smart Music and services such as 8tracks to take their tunes with them wherever they go.

“High-speed broadband Internet has really changed the way Filipinos view media, starting from its creation all the way down to its various modes of consumption,” said Michelle Curran, Data and International Services Marketing Head at wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. “The proliferation of broadband Internet has made it possible for artists and audiences alike to share and experience various multimedia content on a single platform, which is the Internet.”

Broadband Internet has indeed empowered ordinary citizens to chase pursuits that were once exclusive to those who had the resources to record their own albums or produce their own videos, Curran says.

And with the advent of these technologies, the Internet has leveled the playing field and given practically anyone with access to broadband Internet to create and consume content when they want, where they want, in however way they want it.

Smart, as the undisputed leader in broadband, is harnessing the power of this rapidly growing technology by bringing such kinds of entertainment directly to its subscribers via the Smart Bro Live and Loud concert, the first free and interactive concert from the telco which puts the audience in control.

True blue OPM fans now have the chance to witness once-in-a-lifetime collaborative performances from four Pinoy music icons as they rock their hearts out on October 4, Friday.

Putting the audience in control, the Smart Bro Live and Loud concert allows people to vote online at for the top 3 songs that each of the artists will sing solo and collaboratively during the concert.

Subscribers can also get free tickets to the concert through the Live and Loud portal, but those who can’t make it to the concert day itself can view the concert through a livestream service accessible via the same dedicated microsite and on Smart’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, the live audience on the day itself also get the power to control the stage, from setting the platform ablaze with jet sparks to releasing haze and streams of smoke heightening the mystery and excitement of each performance, and even discharging beaming laser lights across the venue, giving the total concert experience to the hands of concert-goers and watchers.

“Smart wants to utilize all available platforms to give subscribers the best customer experience, and that includes giving an entirely new and definitely unique music event for every Filipino to enjoy. Smart has been known as the leader in innovation, and the pioneering Smart Bro Live and Loud concert event is a clear testament to that,” Curran adds.

For more information on ticket availability and to vote for your favorite songs to be performed live during the October 4 concert, visit