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SMM Philippines Holds First Cybercafe Owners Gathering

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 17 Dec 2013, 4:32pm

SMM Philippines Holds First Cybercafe Owners Gathering

Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) is a Malaysia-based company expanding to the Philippines.

Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) Philippines held last Saturday at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas its first Cybercafe Owners Gathering. Originally based in Malaysia, SMM is spearheading the PC gaming industry as a frontrunner in the LAN-based gaming market. Aiming to reach more than 90% of Internet cafes in Malaysia, SMM offers a comprehensive set of solutions for Internet café owners, including hardware components, Internet connection, online game titles, and other privileges for affordable price points. To do so, SMM collaborates with PC component distributors, Internet service providers, game developers, and other organizations who are involved in the Internet café business. By doing so, SMM is also helping the eSports industry.

SMM Philippines held its first Internet cafe owners meeting at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas last Saturday.

Taking into account the booming Internet café market in the Philippines, SMM wants to replicate its success by establishing its local arm. As part of its campaign, SMM Philippines is launching its battle LAN system, reward points program, virtual wallet, and fast Internet connection offer. The battle LAN system connects gamers from different Internet cafes by setting up a virtual platform where players can see games in game rooms without waiting for other players. The reward points program allows Internet café owners to earn reward points that can be used to redeem perks and benefits from SMM Philippines. For the virtual wallet, SMM has partnered with VMoney to enable members to use their MasterCard or Visa debit card in making online payments with high-standard data integrity, privacy, and security. Lastly, in cooperation with PLDT, SMM Philippines is also helping Internet café owners to achieve fast connectivity of up to 4Mbps at cost-effective rates.

Interested Internet café owner may contact SMM Philippines through phone by calling 351-16-81, Facebook by liking SMM Philippines’ fan page, or email (