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Social travel booking app Cape soon to land in PH

By Ashley Lucas - on 3 Mar 2016, 3:50pm

Social travel booking app Cape soon to land in PH

Having problems booking a cheap flight online? No worries. Cape is coming to the rescue! Soon, the new social travel booking app will let you buy standby tickets and travel the world with up to 70 percent off the regular airplane fare.

Normally, standby tickets are reserved exclusively for the dependents of airline employees, as well as travelers who may have missed a flight or want to get on an earlier flight. With Cape, you can conveniently book standby tickets for local and international flights through your mobile phone at a very reasonable price.

Aside from letting passengers easily book standby tickets, Cape also encourages people to fly with one another. You will be notified when one of your friends books a flight through the app. If the friend, in turn, books the same flight to join you, both of your standby tickets are further discounted.

The discounted tickets give users a chance to actually go ahead and fly without having to purchase ridiculously expensive tickets. Cape sees this as a way to “open up an entirely new market segment for airlines, and succeed at the indisputably difficult task of filling up seats on sparsely occupied planes.”

“Most people associate innovation with creating something entirely new, but there is a world of opportunity present in simply using what we already have more efficiently and intelligently, as the likes of Uber and AirBNB have shown us. In this same way, Cape will create a thriving marketplace off of what was only unused capacity for airlines, allowing them to realize real revenues from what would otherwise be empty seats,” said co-founder and CEO Lyle Jover.

Jover, who had regular access to standby tickets in the form of buddy passes while growing up, due to several close family friends who were airline employees, came up with the idea for Cape.

“When you allow people to book standby tickets, you’re not just giving them a plane ticket – what you’re really giving them is mobility. Mobility to experience your country, and, indeed, the world in ways that they’ve never experienced before. It will be eye-opening for them, and it will also ultimately help the companies that cater to them throughout these journeys,” Jover shared.

Cape will be launched later this year. Travelers interested in signing up for the beta launch can visit