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Sony Invites You to the First-Ever Silent Concert

By Katrina Canlas - on 7 May 2014, 1:42pm

Sony Invites You to the First-Ever Silent Concert

 Image source: Sony Philippines

For the untrained ear, the sound of guitar strums, bass hits and smashing cymbals could be considered as distorted noise. However, music, and the work that goes behind it, goes far more beyond that. Noise is only heard when we do not appreciate what exactly it is we hear and this is the outlook that Sony Philippines aims to change with their “Music Deserves Respect” campaign. Music is a work of art that is created only with pure dedication and hard work and, through a new consumer promo, Sony is inviting fans a chance to hear music the only way it is meant to be heard – in its purest form with no compromise.

Together with the brand ambassadors, Ely Buendia and Bamboo Mañalac, Sony is inviting fans a chance to be a part of the first-ever silent concert in the Philippines. Dubbed as “MDR Live”, this historic event will feature both music icons as they share the same stage for the first time and for one night only in a defining concert for the ages.

“Listening to music at its purest form can really be engaging and this is exactly what we want you to experience with us,” says Ely Buendia.

“With the newest headphones line from Sony, Ely and I would like to invite you to be a part of the very first Silent concert in the Philippines. No loud, shared and public music, just direct to your ears sound as if having your very own private music event,” adds Bamboo Mañalac

To qualify, customers must purchase any participating Sony headphones, worth PHP 4,999 and above, from any of the authorized Sony dealerships with promo posters. A purchase will be their entry to the promo where, depending on the model purchased, they can get the chance to win a ticket to MDR Live.

“With Sony’s latest line of MDR headphones, we’ve given customers the opportunity to hear music the way it really should. Now, we are bringing that experience into a more epic and experiential scale with the first-ever silent concert. Head down to your nearest Sony dealership now and get a chance to be a part of history with MDR Live, for one night only with Ely Buendia, Bamboo Mañalac and Sony,” says CJ Deacosta, Marketing Manager – Personal Audio.

Learn more about MDR Live through this video:

For complete rules and regulations, you may visit Sony Philippines’ official website at or