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Sony Mobile Engineers Already Working with Firefox OS

By Katrina Canlas & Wong Casandra - on 26 Feb 2013, 2:57pm

Sony Mobile Engineers Already Working with Firefox OS


Sony isn't just looking to conquer the Android landscape. The Japanese company has officially announced during a joint event between Sony and Spanish carrier Telefonica that it will, together with other Sony carriers, be developing a Firefox handset. Bob Ishida, the company's deputy CEO, has commented that Sony's engineers are "currently working with Firefox OS Mobile and HTML 5 evolving technologies".

At this very early stage, there's no word so as to whether the device will be limited to a certain market but seeing that Sony usually takes most of its flagship devices to a global stage, there's hope that it will eventually reach local shores.

Nonetheless, this is great news for the upcoming OS, very shortly after it announced the introduction of two dev Firefox OS smartphones back in late Jan. Even better news - Sony will be one of a growing list of manufacturers, including ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel and LG, to jump on board the Firefox wagon.

Source: Telefonica (Blog) via GSMArena