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Sony Philippines intros new brand ambassadors for its digital imaging products

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 11 Dec 2017, 2:19am

Sony Philippines intros new brand ambassadors for its digital imaging products

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Sony recently introduced its newest batch of ambassadors for its digital imaging products, comprised of photographers who will ignite their fellow colleagues (both hobbyists and professionals) in bringing out the creativity of Filipinos through digital imaging. Get to know some of them here:

Gabby Cantero, a known personality in food photography. She cited the A6500 which gave her the leeway to improve her craft more than just placing each and every element in creating a sense of familiarity and comfort in every captured frame of a perfect delicacy.

“My switch to Sony cameras has allowed me to greatly expand and improve my work. The A6500’s impressively fast autofocus allows me to capture movements such as the swift beating of a whisk or the flipping of food on a frying pan that has always been a challenge before. Capturing these with crisp detail really really brings life to the picture,” said Cantero.

Sheng Gonzales is part of Sony’s brand ambassadors as it recognizes her devotion to her passion that is toy photography. Sheng was a hands-on in making sceneries in dioramas, props, and toys and action figures that distinctly reflects the output of her work.

“I’ve always thought of my hobby as something unique and this has encouraged me to constantly improve my craft. While I photograph toys and small inanimate, I strive to make them life-like. My Sony A6500 and its range of lenses helps with that and that’s why I love using it,” said Gonzales.

Niña Sandejas is one of the notable names in concert photography. She is known for capturing irreplicable moments featuring legends from the music industry – local and international. Sandejas, who also photographs for several biggest events like GetMusic, Red Horse Muziklaban, and FlipTop, also praises the Sony A7R2 for helping her capture such incredible moments.

“Music and photography are two of the things I am most passionate about and I am truly glad to immerse in these passions for a living. Musicians are expressive people. When they perform, you see in their faces and in their moves their dedication and this is what I aim to get a shot of. A great camera like the Sony A7R2 truly helps me excel and take iconic photos of musicians doing the thing they love best,” said Sandejas.

Paco Guerrero is another big name in Sony’s latest roster of endorsers. The highly-acclaimed photographer has showcased a variety of works involving beauty, commercial, fashion, lifestyle, travel, and culture, signifying his versatility and range.

“What story do you want to tell? I ask myself this question whenever I take a photograph. The camera’s ability to freeze a moment in time in order to be able to share the story with others is what makes it so powerful. The device you use is only as effective as the story you want to tell,” said Guerrero.

Commercial and fashion photographer Charisma Lico values having a good relationship with people and possess an optimistic mindset. She also has praises for Sony A7R2 for helping her with the ability to get amazing details in every craft she is making.

“Using Sony A7R2 for my photoshoots greatly helps me get amazing detail in every shot — the make-up, the embellishments on the clothes, and the soft tendrils on one’s hair. In this industry, getting praises for a beautiful photo shows that you have skills, but the quality of images has got a lot to do with the camera you use. Sony cameras have the capabilities and features I need to help me nail each fashion editorial,” said Lico.

Photographer and filmmaker Carmen del Prado has been known for mixing both stills and moving pictures to tell stories her way, and A7R2 helps her to achieve these goals further apart from earning her collaborations with various brands and campaigns.

“I enjoy combining still with moving images when telling stories. For a visual storyteller who spends a lot of time on the road and on the go, it’s important to have that one perfect and reliable gear that will allow me to perfectly capture fleeting moments in both still and video. That’s what I love most about my A7R2,” said Del Prado.