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Sony’s 2015 TVs will run on Android TV

By Katrina Canlas & Ng Chong Seng - on 6 Jan 2015, 1:22pm

Sony’s 2015 TVs will run on Android TV

Sony Bravia X9000C 4K TV. (Image source: Sony.)

At CES 2015, Sony has announced its TV lineup for the year; and expectedly, it’s primarily about 4K. In total, there are four new series and ten new models, ranging from 43 to 75 inches. A big change this time round is that all these smart TVs will run on Android TV, a smart TV platform developed by Google. Also new under the hood is a ‘4K Processor X1’ engine, which aims to enhance clarity, color, and contrast further.

To be more specific, the X9000C series (55 and 65 inches; image above shows the 65-inch model) is the thinnest range of TVs from Sony, with an approximate thickness of only 4.9mm at its thinnest part. It features a new ‘floating style’ design that is virtually frameless and mounts perfectly to the wall. There’s also another X9100C series that’s announced, but it looks like this series isn’t coming to Singapore.

Sony Bravia X9400C 4K TV. (Image source: Sony.)

Next up, we’ve the X9300C (65 inches) and X9400C (75 inches) series. They come with powerful front-facing speakers to produce clear dialogue and deep bass to complement what’s shown on screen, allowing viewers to have a fulfilling home movie experience. The X9400C will sport the X-tended Dynamic Range Pro backlighting algorithm, while the X9300C will have X-tended Dynamic Range. The new series also supports hi-res audio, and boasts Sony’s proprietary DSEE HXTM technology that upscales compressed audio from broadcast TV and other sources to near-hi-res levels.

Sony Bravia X8300C 4K TV. (Image source: Sony.)

Then, there’s the X8500C series, which comes in three sizes: 55, 65, and 75 inches. It also supports Google’s latest Android TV operating system, making it easy for users to stream videos directly from their mobile devices via Google Cast. HEVC and VP9 formats are supported. For something smaller, we’ve the X8300C series, which comes in 43 and 49-inch screen sizes.

According to Sony, its HDTV offerings this year, which range from 50 to 70 inches, will also be running Android TV.

The X9300C, X9400C, X8500C, and X8300C series are expected to arrive here in Q2 2015, and the X9000C in Q3 2015.

Source: Sony.