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Sony Unveils Two Feature-Rich R-series BRAVIA TVs

By Kevin Bruce Francisco & Joy Hou - on 26 Jun 2013, 10:00am

Sony Unveils Two Feature-Rich R-series BRAVIA TVs

Sony has added two new backlit LED TVs to its 2013 range of BRAVIA TVs.

KLV-R452A (Image source: Sony.)

Ideal for budget-conscious homeowners, the KLV-R452A and KLV-R402A utilize the Sony-developed Clear Resolution Enhancer technology which ensures that fine details and textures are accurately reproduced in whatever you're watching, even in flat picture areas. Powered by Sony’s advanced noise reduction algorithm, this technology boosts image clarity with heightened contrast and depth that you will not find on most televisions. Real life movements are recreated on-screen with MotionFlow XR 100 technology. By minimizing judder, even sports and fast-paced action movies look natural and more authentic.

In addition, high audio fidelity is guaranteed with Sound Booster which is able to process and amplify music and audio content to full cinema-quality, making watching your favorite movie even more enjoyable.

The two new R-series BRAVIA TVs are MHL-(Mobile High Definition Link) ready, meaning that movies, music and apps stored on your smartphone can now be viewed on the large screen. Using a Mobile High Definition Link cable, you can connect your smartphone to the TV to "mirror" what’s seen on the smartphone screen, adding value to the entertainment you already own. Video, photos and apps are re-sized and scaled to fit the larger TV screen. You can then use the TV remote to navigate the phone, while it’s charging from the TV.

The new BRAVIA KLV-R452A and KLV-R402A will be available in SEA from July 2013 onwards.