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Spotify might offer lossless audio streaming soon

By Ciara Alarcon & Marcus Wong - on 3 Mar 2017, 1:48pm

Spotify might offer lossless audio streaming soon

According to The Verge, a number of Reddit users have received a new Hi-Fi streaming service for USD 5 to USD 10 above the USD 10 per month price for Spotify Premium, however, those who tried clicking through further were either told it wasn't available in their area  or got an error message.

Both AppleInsider and the The Verge assumed that the notices are an A/B test of pricing, as screenshots with varying pricing and benefits have since popped up over the web, with some users seeing lossless audio as the only added feature, while others have seen benefits like a free vinyl and discounts on limited-edition vinyls.

With the rapid adoption of USB-C by Android manufacturers, it would seem the market is ripe to move to Hi-Res audio streaming, as millions of smartphone users have devices that can take advantage of higher fidelity audio. Even if only a small portion of Spotify’s users take up this Hi-Fi streaming option, the new revenue could go a long way towards pushing the company back into the black.

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