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St. Luke’s Medical Center launches new MedConnect mobile application

By Ashley Lucas - on 29 Jan 2015, 5:33pm

St. Luke’s Medical Center launches new MedConnect mobile application


St. Luke's Medical Center (SLMC), a leading healthcare institution in the country that has 12 institutes and various departments and centers serving its patients, recently launched its first mobile application, the St. Luke’s MedConnect, which gives the public easy access to the hospital’s healthcare services.

The new St. Luke’s MedConnect app is considered to be the first and fully functional application for the healthcare industry. It includes special features, wherein users can request a doctor's appointment, access one's laboratory results, reserve a room, payonline, make schedule for executive checkups, and it has essential information that the users can read.



Interested users can download the app via the Apple App Store or Google Play. There will also be print and online ads that have a QR code that connects to the St. Luke's MedConnect webpage directly.


Alongside the introduction of the new mobile application, SLMC continues to take multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of specific medical conditions. It has invested in the most advanced medical technologies and equipment, which provide the most accurate diagnostics possible.


St. Luke's Medical Center has two facilities in Quezon City and Global City, Taguig.