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Super Micro returns to the gaming arena with SuperO

By Chester Labaco - on 1 Feb 2017, 10:43am

Super Micro returns to the gaming arena with SuperO

Super Micro isn’t exactly a household name in the gaming market. This is because they are more famous for their server motherboards as well as their IoT devices. Hailed as the 18th fastest growing company and number 1 fastest growing IT infrastructure company, they are returning to the gaming market with their SuperO motherboards.

Super Micro’s SuperO-branded gaming motherboards sport the same quality as their server-grade motherboards. The PCB is made from Epoxy glass Resin with TU-662/NP175 materials that deliver, which should result in exceptional stability especially under gaming and overclocking conditions.

Due to its server DNA, SuperO’s gaming motherboards are also designed to run 24/7 without shutdown. Its design of less power loss, less heat, more top-grade components enhanced the overall performance and durability even under challenging conditions.

Their gaming motherboards are divided into three segments: Enthusiast/Heavy Gamer, Mainstream, and iCafe business. Here are some of the motherboards they will be offering to consumers:

SuperO's motherboards will be available in the late Q1 of 2017. There's no local pricing yet. We'll update the story once their available.