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Take the First Step to Freedom with Smart’s Easiest Postpaid Plan

By Katrina Canlas - on 6 Aug 2013, 2:52pm

Take the First Step to Freedom with Smart’s Easiest Postpaid Plan


Are you a fresh graduate just starting out your career in a new company? Do you own a small business and you want to keep your staff connected all the time to maintain seamless operations? Or do you just want your family members to avoid running out of load in the most critical or inconvenient time?

It’s about time you get a postpaid mobile phone plan. The Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan is a great way to get started.

When it comes to mobile phone service subscriptions, we often associate postpaid plans with a long and rigorous application process, heaps of financial and documentary requirements, fixed monthly service fees and lock-in periods.

Say goodbye to all those notions with Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan – the mobile leader’s easiest and most convenient postpaid plan.

With a quick and fuss-free application process (just present a valid ID), no fixed monthly service fees and zero lock-in period, Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan is perfect for those who want to make the shift to a more convenient postpaid experience with Smart’s reliable and nationwide connectivity.

The Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan is best experienced with Smart Postpaid’s Flexibundles – the call, text and data combos that you can mix and match to customize your Smart Postpaid plans according to your needs.

Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan users have more than 20 Flexibundles to choose from and here are some newly launched ones you can use to get started:

  • For the active mobile surfer – Have unlimited access to the web, stay connected via your mobile apps and social networks and enjoy streaming music and watching videos for 2 days with UNLI SURF P85. Text SURF85 to 9990.
  • For the rising corporate star – Take control with unlimited BBM and BlackBerry email, on top of your social networking and unlimited surfing for 1 day with Unli BB P50. Text BB50 to 9990.
  • For the all-around communicator – Stay in touch with all the people who matter with unlimited texts to all networks + 180 minutes of calls to Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular plus 100 Mb of data, valid for 30 days with MEGA ALL IN P250. Text MEGA250 to 9990.

Sign up now and get your Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan SIM at any Smart Store or via For more information about Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan and Smart’s lineup of other postpaid plans that suit your lifestyle, visit

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