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Team Group's T-Force series DDR4 gaming memory modules boast a 'game on' look

By Jonnah Pante & Ciara Alarcon - on 6 Oct 2016, 3:10pm

Team Group's T-Force series DDR4 gaming memory modules boast a 'game on' look

Team Group is integrating its DDR4 gaming memory modules into the T-Force series, consisting of the Xtreem, Dark, Vulcan, and the Night Hawk, all of which are designed to meet demands for extreme high speed and excellent performance.

To satisfy gamers’ need for high speed performance and installation with just a single purchase, Team Group is the first to combine patented overclocking memory module and solid state drive into a high performance gaming combo package. This package promises to improve computer performance by up to 125%.

Night Hawk

  • Night Hawk

A winner of this year’s Golden Pin Design Award, the Night Hawk is a new design concept in memory modules that feature LED lights. It allows gamers to feel the steady pulse of LED lights in order to get into a game-winning rythm. Team Group combines a top notch extrusion process with high-precision CNC computer machining to achieve the module's symmetrical heat spreader design that emulates the eyes of a hawk on the LED light guide panel. The Night Hawk uses 10 layers of circuit board that is 25% thicker than the standard memory available in the market, resulting in reduced interference since the power layer and the signal layer has a farther distance between each other.


  • Vulcan

The Vulcan shows a different heat spreader design compared to last generation’s DDR3. The heat spreader area of the Vulcan T-Force series is extended to the top and both sides to provide complete protection and improve the radiating performance by at least 2%.


  • Xtreem

Featuring the highest specifications, the Xtreem overclocking memory module's design is also achieved by using topnotch aluminum extrusion process and CNC machining. Its unique trench design sports a minimalist style with high-quality brushed finish, resulting in an increased radiating area for better heat dissipation.


  • Dark

The Dark adds arched fins to its heat spreader design to increase its radiating area, enable heat dissipation through natural air flow, and provide a better cooling performance by up to 8%.

All T-Force series memory modules support Intel XMP 2.0 and have completed multiple compatibility verifications with mainstream DDR4 motherboards. To ensure the stability of its operation, it also went through every major motherboard brand’s Qualified Vendor List. The Team Group offers a lifetime warranty for the T-Force product line.