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Tech industry pioneer encourages players and marketers to close digital gap

By Ciara Alarcon - on 21 Oct 2016, 1:05pm

Tech industry pioneer encourages players and marketers to close digital gap

Digital players and marketers are challenged to utilize "digital" to benefit as many Filipinos, and to help close the digital gap.

The President and CEO of Voyager Innovations and PayMaya Philippines, Orlando Vea, has explained the importance of closing the digital divide in emerging markets during his keynote address at the recently concluded DigiCon 2016 organized by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP).

According to Vea, the power of digital can only be truly harnessed if everyone has equal access to opportunities and there’s no more digital divide.

The same way many of Voyager and PayMaya’s products in the market today promote digital and financial inclusion for every Filipino, Vea shared that there are opportunities where brands and companies can develop products and services that can help close the digital gap.

“At the first instance, we are solving the digital payments challenge with PayMaya - a card for the uncarded. But beyond that, we are also addressing the pain points of convenience, affordability, and security. It’s all about enjoying the benefits of the digital life,” he explained.

Vea also highlighted other Voyager platforms that aim to spread the benefits of digital to all. These include Freenet that allows users to access select mobile sites and apps for free, Smart Padala for mobile money remittance, Pera Agad, and LANDBANK Mobile Loan Saver for faster and easy loans via text.

The ROVE, which is for humanitarian and government aid disbursements, is also included, as well as Hatch that helps brands reach more users via SMS and other digital tools, and TackThis that helps businesses easily set up their stores online.

"This whole business of digital inclusion is a vast space. There’s room for everybody. We should all work to collaborate," Vea said.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Voyager Business and Hatch, Dindo Marzan, highlighted reasons why new and innovative efforts need to focus on bridging the offline and online worlds in the country.

“To boost the reach of digital, marketers must aim to solve a problem by providing value to their target markets,” Marzan said.

“Businesses need to bring their brand online or get left behind, because there will be new players that will launch purely online, and will be more aggressive and affordable than them,” Mitch Padua, Managing Director for Digital Commerce at Voyager, added.