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Thecus Announces 4-bay N4510U PRO Rackmount for SMBs

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 28 Nov 2013, 5:32pm

Thecus Announces 4-bay N4510U PRO Rackmount for SMBs

Image source: Thecus

Thecus has revealed the latest revision to its award-winning SMB 4-bay rackmount line, the N4510U PRO. Powered by an Intel Atom D2701 processor, the N4510U PRO is designed to deliver a nearly 15% rise in processing speed. On the outside, the new Thecus offering sports a stylish new front panel and offers a good array of connectivity, including HDMI, VGA, and six USB connectors.

For more information, view the following press release.

Thecus Announces New SMB Rackmount: The N4510U PRO

Time marches ever on, and Thecus is ready to keep pace with its latest revision to the award winning SMB 4-bay rackmount line: the N4510U PRO. With a nearly 15% rise in processing speed thanks to the Intel Atom D2701 processor and a stylish new front panel, the new N4510U PRO can begin future-proofing your business this November.

Product Highlights

• Intel Atom D2701 Dual-Core Processor (2.13GHz)
• Redesigned front panel
• HDMI and VGA output
• Choice of single or redundant power supply
• Six USB ports (including two USB3.0)
• FREE McAfee Antivirus included
• FREE Acronis True Image license
• VMWare ready
• iSCSI thin-provisioning supported

“Data usage has been increasing exponentially for years,” explains Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus. “And with this growth comes not only the need for greater storage, but also the need for more powerful processing power from storage devices. So when businesses decide to invest in IT infrastructure, they look not only at capacity, but also at a device’s ability to serve users and offer features to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the workplace. With our update of the N4510U, we’re offering business professionals our already comprehensive feature set and module database, as well as a timely upgrade to underlying hardware. This is the unique combination that keeps Thecus users ready for whatever the future holds.”

Case Studies

Doris, the CEO of a design startup, has watched as her dreams became reality and then some. Starting out small with renovations and interior design projects for friends and family, she found her approach of revitalizing the past to be a hit. The word spread and now she found herself at the head of 20 employees expanding to new premises in a month. Given the continuing growth of her business and the storage needs of hundreds of large Photoshop files, Doris has decided to invest in a rack system. Because of the N4510U Pro’s vast array of software (such as Data Burn, which allows Doris to conveniently burn copies of her designs onto discs for clients, and a free copy of Acronis True image, for storing her employees work securely on her home NAS) and hardware features (for example the HDMI output, which means easy design sharing on the office HDTV), she confidently commits to her first of three Thecus rackmounts.

It’s coming to the end of the year and Michelle, an IT specialist, needs to improve the performance of her network with a limited budget. She’s sure she could get the performance she needs out of an Intel Core powered NAS, but the economical goals set by her manager don’t allow for it. After reading some positive review of its predecessor, Michelle decides to add another Thecus NAS to her company’s IT infrastructure. She knows that with the N4510U PRO’s iSCSI Thin-Provisioning, overheads will be kept low, there will be reduced energy consumption and heat generation, and that all the while she’ll be clocking in higher data transfer speeds. Thanks the unit’s VMWare certification, Michelle can also make the most of virtualization technology. Through this, she can ensure even greater energy efficiency, as well as improved system consolidation and simplification. And to top off all the savings Michelle has been able to make, she proudly finishes her quarterly report with a note that the system came bundled with a free copy of McAfee antivirus.