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Toshiba Brings in new L Series Pro Theatre and P Series TVs to the Philippines

By Martin James David - on 16 Dec 2013, 1:02pm

Toshiba Brings in new L Series Pro Theatre and P Series TVs to the Philippines

Toshiba's roadshow last week at Robinsons Magnolia showcased Toshiba's new TV portfolio.

Just last week, Toshiba Philippines held a roadshow that showcased its latest L and P Series of TVs. Staying true to the belief that TVs exist to provide excellent visual entertainment, Toshiba’s latest L Series Pro Theatre and P Series TVs have with them the technology and craftsmanship for them to be able to deliver that immersive home theater experience.

L Series Pro Theatre

Toshiba L2300 Pro Theatre

To start things off, Toshiba has the L2300 Pro Theatre (50- and 58-inch) and L3300 Pro Theatre (32- and 39-inch). The L2300 Series is capable of playing 28 video formats while providing that great cinematic experience on its large screen.

Toshiba L3300 Pro Theatre

As for the L3300 Series, these TVs host brilliant features such as Turbo LED that increases TV brightness on demand for brightness and power consumption optimization. They also incorporate Intelligent Auto View, Auto Clean 2, and Detail Booster for crisper images and enhanced texture details.

Toshiba L4300 Pro Theatre

Toshiba also has the 39- and 50-inch L4300 Pro Theatre which has Android capabilities aside from their display capabilities.

Toshiba L9300 Pro Theatre

The company also revealed its very own Ultra HD 4K TV, the 84-inch L9300 Pro Theatre.

P Series

Toshiba P2300 Series

Toshiba’s P Series include the P2300 (23-, 29-, 32-, and 39-inch) and P1300 (24-, 29-, 32-inch) Series. The P2300 Series Football Mode for a much more immersive sports viewing. They also feature technologies such as Auto Signal Booster, Auto Clean, and Contrast Booster.

The P1300 Series enhances your viewing experience with high quality image reproduction that is true to the original input.

Toshiba’s new TV portfolio brings in great new display technologies to boost the consumer’s visual entertainment at very competitive prices. See below for the list of available models and SRPs.

L Series Pro Theatre

84L9300 – PhP 667,000
50L4300 – PhP 57,790
39L4300 – PhP 37,790
39L3300 – PhP 26,660
32L3300 – PhP 16,660
58L2300 – PhP 88,890
50L2300 – PhP 44,450

P Series

39P2300 – PhP 24,430
32P2300 – PhP 15,550
29P2300 – PhP 13,880
24P2300 – PhP 10,550