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Unilab now uses Oracle NetSuite OneWorld to empower distributors
By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 9 Nov 2017, 1:21am

Unilab now uses Oracle NetSuite OneWorld to empower distributors

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Oracle NetSuite, one of the world’s leading cloud-based financial and omnichannel commerce software suites, has announced that Unilab is now using the program NetSuite OneWorld to help power its 21 distributors by setting them up as individual business partners.

The largest pharmaceutical company in the country upgraded from a 15-year-old locally-developed application to a unified ERP system that enables its distributors to easily manage inventory and billing processes of around 10,000 trade accounts ranging from drug stores to clinics, and groceries.

Unilab is also implementing NetSuite OneWorld for sales and data consolidation and multi-subsidiary management. Since the completion of the NetSuite OneWorld implementation in January 2017, Unilab has streamlined operations for its distributors and has gained greater visibility into the channel which accounts for a significant percentage of its annual revenue amounting to USD 1 billion.  The Philippine pharmaceutical company is the first in the industry to leverage cloud ERP to standardize and stabilize its distributor management program through the project iSERV 2.0. They maintain their over 20% market share for the past three decades.

The movement helped Unilab achieve a modernized system by utilizing a flexible and cloud-based system, apart from the on-premise manually consolidated and track data system made by its distributors, and thus, continuing growth for the 72-year old manufacturing-firm of over 350 brands with manpower of over 4,000 employees.

As part of the business continuity plan, Unilab also wanted to make the transition to the cloud as a disaster-protection measure that would stabilize the entire system during unexpected times such as calamities. Thus, it resulted in selecting NetSuite OneWorld after evaluating several options for an agile, scalable cloud platform ideal to improve efficiency, visibility, and stability in the distribution channel, with NetSuite Solution Provider CloudTech playing a key role for a successful and seamless ways of implementing the program at Unilab’s distributors.

That said, it was through Oracle’s cloud-based architecture wherein Unilab has been able to realize its goals of real-time data visibility, streamlined distribution process, simplified data consolidation, and strengthened compliance while providing disaster protection, all embodied in NetSuite OneWorld. It also gave the pharmaceutical company the following benefits of channel efficiency and visibility, improved compliance, and multi-subsidiary management.