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UPeepz now powered by Sony EXTRA BASS high-power audio system

By Jonnah Pante - on 26 Jul 2017, 11:38pm

UPeepz now powered by Sony EXTRA BASS high-power audio system

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By using Sony’s EXTRA BASS audio system, the dance company UPeepz will continue to deliver great performances and will further entertain, captivate, and excite audiences.

With their aim to pin the right balance between enjoying their time and training intensely, the team excels and inspires other dancers in the community at the same time

“Sound quality is something that we cannot take for granted because choreographers are always looking, digging, and indulging in every beat and rhythm to best interpret music for our dances. We’ve been known for our hard-hitting, bass-pumping routines, so Sony’s EXTRA BASS technology captures that true, aesthetic listening experience, from practices to performances,” said Chips Beltran, UPeepz Director.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nobuyoshi Otake, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines said they will further urge people to discover their passion in music, sound, and visuals.

The life of dinner and house parties, EXTRA BASS makes Sony an entertainment essential for any occasion.

“We work on getting the right products to our customers and make it a point that our technology will provide them with an immersive experience they want. Our EXTRA BASS products, such as the GTK-XB7, will help fuel our customers’ passion for deep, punchy music,” Otake said.

If one wants to carry the party anywhere, there is Sony’s GTK XB7 High-Power Audio System with Bluetooth, a portable, powerful one-box system that invites you to move and groove to the music with its heart-pumping beats.

“We find the speakers really strong and are very convenient with its seamless connection capability to our devices —phones and laptops that contain our mixes,” Beltran detailed.

The GTK-XB7 has LED lights on the speakers that are bold and vibrant unit colors. Its Bluetooth connectivity (NFC Touch) and Party Chain options are indeed tools to arrange a party atmosphere and mood for music and dance lovers.

“Did I also mention how gorgeous they are? The colors really pop out and the lights get the attention of everyone in the room. More than its eye-catching look, the superior sound quality and the functionality are the things we love most about it,” the UPeepz Director told.

“We’ve had so much fun so far and can’t wait for more projects collaborating with Sony! Dance and music are what keeping us on our toes, and we always strive to produce quality art that bonds us as one family and hopefully inspires others in the process.”

UPeepz rocks different styles, genres, and routines like RnB, Jazz, and OPM, aside from bass-pumping and hard-hitting songs.