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ViewSonic is the official monitor partner of Canon PhotoMarathon Philippines 2017

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 17 Oct 2017, 6:53pm

ViewSonic is the official monitor partner of Canon PhotoMarathon Philippines 2017

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Viewsonic is set to take part in Canon PhotoMarathon Philippines 2017 this October as the event's priority professional monitor brand. During the event, ViewSonic will showcase an array of models from its VP series of professional monitors specializing in color accuracy. 

“When it comes to photography, ViewSonic understands the importance of the role that color plays in the editing process. Our VP series monitors are developed specifically for this very reason and designed to ensure that every piece of work created on VP monitors, whether it be for photography, videography, design, or any other color-critical application, is perceived exactly as the creator intended,” said Eric Wei, ViewSonic Asia-Pacific  Sales Director. “We’re looking forward to being part of the Canon PhotoMarathon 2017 and are glad to be giving contestants the opportunity to showcase their finest works for the judge’s panel.”

The professional monitors made by ViewSonic have been ranging from 24-inches up to 38-inches curved, and are available in Full HD (1080p), WQHD (1440p), and 4K UHD screen resolutions. They come with color-centric features such as professionally calibrated color accuracy, uniformity, and processing for color critical applications as well as Delta E<2 for superb color precision.

The ViewSonic VP series professional monitors also have a set of additional features that includes HDR10 support for maximum image detail, KVM switch with USB Type-C, and a sleek, frameless bezel. Each monitor offers hardware calibration functionality, and can be paired with ViewSonic Colorbration which has been co-developed with color management experts X-Rite.

During the event, participants of the Canon PhotoMarathon Philippines 2017 will be able to preview their work on ViewSonic VP monitors before submitting them to the panel of jurors. Judges, on the other hand, will view each contestant’s photos on the VP series monitors to preserve the story being told in each photograph through accurate color, further ensuring quality.

The Canon PhotoMarathon Philippines 2017 will take place on October 21, 2017, at Hall 4 of SM Convention Center in Pasay City. ViewSonic is located at the Booth D of the venue. For more information about the ViewSonic VP series, visit its website and Facebook page.