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Wacom Outs New Pen Display as Healthcare and Presentation Solution

By Lionell Go Macahilig & Joy Hou - on 18 Mar 2013, 6:38pm

Wacom Outs New Pen Display as Healthcare and Presentation Solution

Wacom has introduced the DTH-2242 pen display, a tool that allows healthcare professionals, educators, and presenters to quickly add notes or draw pictures to make their explanations easier to understand, helping them communicate more effectively.

Image source: Wacom

With support for multi-finger touch gestures, the 21.5-inch IPS LCD panel with HD resolution allows for intuitive navigation with both standard and custom gestures for enhanced workflow. Five user-customizable ExpressKeys provide easy access to shortcuts and commonly used functions. Presenters can add handwritten notes, annotations, and drawings to their material to engage their audience.


  • Wacom pen works without batteries, and can be tethered to the unit and stored in the dedicated pen compartment
  • Security lock has been incorporated to safeguard against theft
  • Highly scratch-resistant LCD panel comes with anti-glare properties
  • Built-in stand adjustable to support inclination angles from 15-72 degrees
  • VESA mount allows for third party arms or stands

The DTH-2242 can be easily integrated into existing systems and become an integral part of a paperless workflow. Because of its high durability and reliability, it offers a low total cost of ownership and requires minimal maintenance.