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Win exciting prizes with freenet’s “Papremyong Malupet” promo!

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 13 Nov 2017, 11:26am

Win exciting prizes with freenet’s “Papremyong Malupet” promo!

Freenet is the free Internet platform of Voyager Innovations under its marketing technology arm, Hatch. It allows Smart, Sun, and TnT subscribers to access the top apps and sites for news, shopping, travel, lifestyle, health, banking, and finance, free of data charge. For its holiday promo, freenet is giving away ultimate freebies to its users – a brand new Chevrolet Spark – on top of the latest gadgets such as MacBook Air laptops and iPhone 7 units.

Every week, starting from November 8 to the second week of January 2018, freenet will be giving away two units of MacBook Air and eight units of iPhone 7 to its lucky users. This will culminate on January 17, 2018 when freenet will then draw the winner of Chevrolet Spark.

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“Christmas has always been a special occasion for us Filipinos. We don’t have to break our bank account just to spread some holiday cheer, or simply give out good vibes on an ordinary day. With freenet, not only are the Filipinos able to shop, book rides, and interact with their friends online, free of data charge, they also get rewarded for doing so. Now, that’s the malupet na online experience we want them to get,” says Heidi Garylbas, Head of Integrated Marketing for Hatch, Voyager Innovations's Marketing Technology Arm.

If you want to get a chance to win any of these malupet na papremyo, all you have to do is download the freenet app, register using your mobile number and fill out the raffle form. This Christmas season, users can take advantage more of freenet’s offerings. By accessing the app, one can easily shop in Lazada, or Takatack for Christmas gifts, connect with distant love ones on social media or book a flight for a holiday, all FREE of charge.

Download the freenet app now on your Android or iOS devices. For more information visit the freenet website.