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Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi power bank sells for PhP 1,200 on Lazada Philippines (updated)

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 22 Aug 2014, 4:33pm

Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi power bank sells for PhP 1,200 on Lazada Philippines (updated)

Update (August 22, 2014): Xiaomi's official Philippine fan page revealed the official prices of the Mi power bank. The 10400mAh model costs PhP 645, whereas the 5200mAh version's price is PhP 445. Xiaomi will hold a flash sale of Mi power banks on August 29 (next Friday), 12:00NN. 

Update (August 12, 2014): Xiaomi's 10400mAh Mi power bank is not officially available in the Philippines at the moment. Nevertheless, do not that some vendors might sell it independently. For the official list of Mi products that are currently available on Lazada, visit

Image source: Lazada Philippines (click to enlarge)

Xiaomi’s 10400mAh Mi power bank is now available on Lazada Philippines’ online shopping portal. Last June, Xiaomi Global’s Vice President Hugo Barra previewed the Mi power bank, together with other devices such as the Mi 3, Redmi, and the Redmi Note. Previously, the Mi power bank was speculated to cost PhP 600/700, but it is now selling on Lazada’s website for PhP 1,200. Internally, the Mi power bank is equipped with lithium-ion battery cells from LG/Samsung. Its smart-control chips, charging/discharging chips, and layers of protection are made by Texas Instruments. These layers are designed to protect the Mi power bank from short circuit, input overvoltage, incorrect insertion, output overcurrent, output overvoltage, and overcharging/over-discharging.