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Your groceries and goodies are now just a swipe away with honestbee!

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 23 Sep 2017, 10:44am

Your groceries and goodies are now just a swipe away with honestbee!

Getting caught up with work and dread traffic of the Metro Manila takes us so much effort to stock-up our pantry. And in the grocery store, we have to weave through the aisles in order to get the items we need and line up at the cashier to have our items paid and bagged. The time we have to spend at each grocery trip can be diverted to other activities such as resting and leisure activities. honestbee, the Singapore-based app that has recently launched its services in Manila, can help us save time and effort with just few swipes and clicks.

honestbee, works as a personal shopper or online application, where grocers can pick the items they need from partner establishments such as the Robinson’s Supermarket, Fresh Options Meatshop, Solo Meat Group, G-stuff, The Straits Wine Company, Harvestime, Figure of Beans, AWC, Incredible India, and even baby products from Chicco. These honestbee partners do not stockpile their items in a warehouse, so the product gets to the consumers fresh and handpicked by their “worker bees” upon order according to the customer’s specifications.

Customers can place orders in different stores in one order and still get the items in two hours! Delivery hours are from 10:00AM-8:00PM daily, subject to store operating hours, including weekends and public holidays and consumers can also schedule their preferred delivery time. Orders under PhP 1,500 are subject to PhP 99 shopper fee, otherwise shopper fee is free.

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Aside from groceries, honestbee can also your favorite dishes from Goodah, Yoshinoya, and S&R Pizza. The honestbee app is really helpful for busy individuals as it can also help with other chores such as picking up the user’s laundry.

Just download the honestbee app in your iOS or Android devices to click and swipe away your groceries. First-time users get a PhP 500 voucher with a minimum spend of PhP 1,500 and regular customers can always check the honestbee website or app for the latest promos that are available. The app also gives useful alerts for items that are on sale, such as the Robinson’s Daily Savings feature in the Promotions tab.

With more people discovering the timesaving and cost-efficient features that honestbee brings, it has currently been ranked as the #3 app in android and #4 in iOS as of August 2017 for e-commerce.