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Your Home Wi-Fi can now get a check-up with Globe Tech Squad with one-time fee only!

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 26 Dec 2017, 11:40am

Your Home Wi-Fi can now get a check-up with Globe Tech Squad with one-time fee only!

Globe At Home introduces the Globe Tech Squad, a special tech customer service team that will provide end-to-end support for Wi-Fi connectivity and home-related needs.

With just a one-time fee of PhP 1,200, Globe At Home customers can avail of the Globe Tech Squad service. The Globe Tech Squad will diagnose the different spaces of the customer’s home to identify potential signal interferences, improve the Wi-Fi signal by recommending the best router placement to increase signal strength and coverage, and resolve connectivity issues with the necessary Wi-Fi mesh extenders and configuration. The team can also connect all the customer’s existing devices in the home to the Wi-Fi such as televisions, laptops, security cameras, printers, speakers, etc.

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“Globe At Home has always committed to providing first-world Internet to all our customers. Now, we want to improve the experience by making Globe Tech Squad service available so everyone can maximize their Wi-Fi connection and enjoy watching the lates vidoes, play their favorite games, and listen to the best music available at home,” shares Martha Sazon, SVP for Globe At Home.

Airties Wi-Fi Mesh is also offered by the Globe Tech Squad. The Airties Wi-Fi Mesh extends Wi-Fi coverage to eliminate dead spots around the house and ensure that Globe customers can enjoy Wi-Fi in every corner of their homes. The Globe Tech Squad will be able to assess and install the right number of Airties needed to ensure that the major parts of the house are covered.

The Airties Wi-Fi Mesh is available via two payment options: upfront payment of PhP 3,600 or charged to bill at PhP 150/month for 24 months added on to your Globe At Home plan.

For more information on the Globe Tech Squad, call the the Globe hotline at 730-1000.