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YouTube's game streaming is now up and running

By Jasper Oregas & Koh Wanzi - on 27 Aug 2015, 11:14am

YouTube's game streaming is now up and running

First announced back in June, YouTube Gaming is now available in all countries that have access to YouTube. (Image Source: YouTube Blog)

Competitive gaming is growing by leaps and bounds, and viewership numbers in eSports continues to go from strength to strength. As of now, Twitch currently draws the lion’s share of attention and viewers as the de facto streaming platform for casual streamers and professional players alike. However, YouTube’s own gaming streaming service wants to throw a spanner into the works with YouTube Gaming. We first reported on it back in June, and the service is now live in all countries where YouTube is available.

The company has been running trials of the service with a few thousand game streamers and content creators, and is now ready to roll out the service.

YouTube is positioning YouTube Gaming as the go-to destination for everything gaming. Despite its ambitions to wrest a share of the market away from Twitch, it’s anything but a Twitch clone. By leveraging on YouTube’s already huge library of gaming-related videos, the new service will offer both live streams and gaming-related videos.

So while Twitch users are limited to just past broadcasts and ongoing streams, YouTube Gaming will offer users a richer library of gaming-related content to peruse. In addition, users can get personalized recommendations based on the games and channels they've added to their "collection", just like they do on the regular YouTube.

YouTube Gaming will also be available on both iOS and Android phones and tablets via a dedicated app. The app will first be available to users in the US and UK, with a roll out in other countries planned for later.

The site’s interface is quite different from what YouTube users will be used to. For one, its dark theme immediately conveys a more gamer-esque feel. Expandable sidebars on both sides of the screen also inform you about trending games and channels that are currently live when you mouse your cursor over, complete with visual thumbnails for a more engaging experience.

But despite all that it seems to have going for it, it’s too early to tell how much of a success YouTube Gaming will be. Twitch remains immensely popular, and it has a huge amount of gamer cred that YouTube’s service might struggle to replicate. You can check out the site for yourself here, while streamers can head here to figure out how to get started.

Source: YouTube Blog